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A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Remote Play
  • Added an option to share your IP address and attempt to establish a direct connection. The connection will still be relayed if NAT traversal fails or the relayed route is faster.
  • Throttle downloads on the client while streaming, if that option is enabled in the Download settings
  • Prevent downloads on the client while streaming, if "Allow downloads during gameplay" is not enabled in the Download settings
  • Changing Remote Play settings on the client will affect any current streaming sessions
  • Reduced the cursor scale when streaming to mobile devices

  • Windows
    • Fix reading battery levels on laptops. Low battery level notifications and the battery level indicator in the overlay will now work again.

  • Linux
    • Updated 'scout' steam runtime to 0.20200505.0
    • Fixes bundled zenity binary
    • Show progress bar while updating pinned libraries
    • Updated 'heavy' steam runtime to 0.20200512.2 with upstream library updates

  • Linux Shader Pre-Caching
    • Added support for merging NVIDIA per-thread cache files after processing new Vulkan pipelines and after a game exits
    • Adjusted core count of background Vulkan pipeline processing to a quarter of logical cores by default
    • Changed processing tasks to idle priority
    • Updated Vulkan layer API version

  • SteamNetworkingSockets
    • Improved routing for P2P connections
    • Connections to the local user now go through internal loopback instead of being relayed over the Internet
    • Fix crash bug when attempting P2P connection to self
    • Fix bug causing excessive pings to be sent if connection starts timing out

  • Steam Input
    • Fixed hang enumerating some rare USB devices on Windows

  • SteamVR
    • Fixed hang on SteamVR startup on Windows 7

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