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A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 72.0.3626.121
  • Fixed the Steam updater window intermittently displaying as a small transparent rectangle if it is shown when the main Steam window is closed.
  • Fixed store trailer video playback on Windows when DPI scaling is active.
  • Fixed audio artifacts in web audio / friends notification sounds / voice chat for users with certain headsets that create multiple devices and have mono/single-channel chat output devices
  • Improved wizard that helps install SteamVR and related components (such as the Windows MR driver) when VR hardware is present.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Steam networking system where the datagram relay configuration would never become available to the application if it was the first run after starting the Steam client.
  • Updates to shared installer content will now be listed under “Steamworks Common Redistributables”
  • Fixed black box covering much of the first page of the dialog when installing multiple games on Windows

  • Broadcasting
    • Reduced latency for 1 on 1 viewing of friend broadcasts to less than a second

  • Big Picture Mode
    • Added a Big Picture Mode library filter for local multiplayer games

  • Steam Input
    • Added a “Controller Connected” notification to the desktop client for Steam Input enabled controllers. This can be disabled under Steam->Settings->Controller.
    • Added a “Configuration Loaded” notification to the desktop client and Big Picture when launching a game with a Steam Input enabled controller
    • Add action set layer visualization support to the controller HUD and the ability to bind beeps when applying/removing action set layers
    • Fix some cases where the Steam Input Configurator could get stuck with a blank view when previewing configurations or when deleting action sets
    • Fix some cases where adding/deleting action sets and action set layers could scramble which action set layer an “Apply Action Set Layer” binding points to.
    • Fixed modifier and volume keys not working properly as controller bindings on macOS
    • Added a “Platformer” variant of the gamepad template for the Steam Link Mobile Touch Controller with pre-laid out on-screen controls
    • Added filtering of unneeded template results in the configuration browser for controllers that don’t have touchpad or gyro inputs (ex: Xbox One, Xbox360, and Generic Gamepads)
    • Added the ability to blacklist individual DirectInput and Xinput devices in the controller settings menu. This is intended to be used when a device either erroneously shows up as two devices or shows up as a controller but isn’t one.

  • In-Home Streaming
    • Reduced packet loss and latency on high bandwidth streams
    • Improved automatic bitrate algorithm to rapidly handle changes in available bandwidth

  • Vulkan
    • Enabled Vulkan pipeline dumping and collection if Shader Pre-Caching is enabled

  • Steam Networking Sockets
    • Fixed issues with P2P connections sending too many keepalives on an idle connection

  • Linux
    • Fixed more instances of 0-byte downloads and missing Proton or data files for Steam Play titles
    • Added Steam Play configuration settings in Big Picture Mode
    • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would be invisible in the Steam Overlay when playing games through Steam Play
    • Fixed an issue where the Steam Client wouldn’t automatically update or download Proton before launching games through Steam Play
    • Fixed additional cursor and mouse grabbing issues with the overlay on Steam Play games.
    • Improve support for Steam Library on NTFS mounts

  • macOS
    • Fixed kernel panic in audio capture driver when streaming on macOS 10.14

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