Community Rules

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Apr 16, 2019
Community Rules

I. No Insulting/Harassment

II. No Cheating/Scripting/Bug Abuse

III. No Spamming, including but not limited to:
A. writing; the same message multiple times, with Caps Lock on, unreadable text​
B. unnecessary use of special chat or channels​
C. excessively generating notifications such as rejoining servers or voice channels​
IV. No continuous Toxic behaviour/Provoking

V. No Laming, including but not limited to, intentionally:
A. team killing/damaging/flashing​
B. obstructing or otherwise restricting the movement of a team member​
C. obstructing or otherwise restricting the ability of team members to achieve the objective​
D. delaying by; being AFK, not attempting to achieve the objective, chatting instead of playing​
VI. No Advertisement of any kind

VII. No Offensive/Religious/Pornographic Content

VIII. These Community Rules which apply to everyone and all platforms may be extended for specific groups or platforms.
When applicable, take notice of the following:​
A. Staff – Link​
B. Donation Related – Link​
C. Counter-Strike 1.6​
I. Swearing is allowed
II. Basic scripting which does not provide an unfair advantage over other players is allowed
IV. Toxic behaviour is allowed as long as no warning, complaint or notice of feeling annoyed/provoked is given, since it may be unintentional
VI. Advertisement of the community and directly related third party platforms/services/providers limited to general use are allowed
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