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  1. Sanambir

    Invalid Odehomar - Ban Appeal

    go to your cstrike folder you will find there novarex_assault.dem upload that.
  2. Sanambir

    CS:GO COVID-19 Lockdown Event

    Hello Everyone, We at Nova Rex are organising an event for the people who are staying at home and getting bored. It's a really simple and easy event where you have to increase you rank or play time on any of the CS:GO server of Nova Rex. Following are the points you should remember The event...
  3. Sanambir

    Unbanned Tengjerja - Ban Appeal

    Use of any kind of cheat/hacks are prohibited on novarex servers. It doesn't matter when and why you used hacks. Also the screenshot you provide is completely black. You are unbanned or not is now completely upto the owners and i dont think your reasoning is something you can get unbanned for.
  4. Sanambir

    Sanambir - Staff Application

    Nickname Sanambir Age 20 Discord ID 324219508950827019 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:210102686 Meets staff requirements (to their belief) Yes Introduction (hobbies, work or studies) Techy guy from india. Experience level Well experienced in server setting of both csgo and cs 1.6. Got good knowledge...
  5. Sanambir

    Rates Guide for CS 1.6

    Hello Everyone, I am making this guide to explain for you guys in detail the 4 main commands on Counter-Strike 1.6 regarded as "rates". I will explain the 4 different commands and which settings are best for each one and why. A lot of it will be copied from different websites...