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  1. 666 PUDDIN

    Unbanned Tengjerja - Ban Appeal

    I have confirmed that you and your friend have been using the same IP for a long time and that he is the one who was using cheats. We will make this exception only once and remove the IP ban. However, your friend will stay banned for using wallhack on our servers.
  2. 666 PUDDIN

    Novarex suck

    There is no record of you getting banned. All recent bans are due to cheat detection. If you have complaints regarding a specific staff member, feel free to send me a message. Locked.
  3. 666 PUDDIN

    Sanambir - Staff Application

    Accepted by @minstro
  4. 666 PUDDIN

    Dark Mode

    For the sensitive eyes, we're introducing dark mode in the portal. If think of any improvements PM me or let us know here
  5. 666 PUDDIN

    Unbanned Justitia - Ban Appeal

    Si señor. Unbanned.
  6. 666 PUDDIN

    Minstro Suggested me as a Administrator.

    Hi, as of a few hours after your post the application format was added.
  7. 666 PUDDIN

    Zombie Plague Admin Application Format/Requirements

    Thanks, partially implemented.
  8. 666 PUDDIN

    Unbanned DARKWISH00 - Ban Appeal

  9. 666 PUDDIN

    Deathrun Map bug/glitch

    I've watched the demo. Auto unstuck has not yet been added. I expect this to solve this problem. If not, the map might be removed. And of course more maps will be added soon.
  10. 666 PUDDIN

    Client Commands

    At the moment we do not have commands like !rules yet. They will indeed be added with the / prefix. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. 666 PUDDIN

    Staff Requirements

    Staff Applications To become Nova Rex staff you must meet the entry requirements for moderatorship. Once you have been accepted, you will have to continue to fit the common staff profile which applies to all staff. Every application will remain open for a reasonable amount of time, to offer...
  12. 666 PUDDIN

    How to invite all Steam friends to Nova Rex

    To invite your friends on Steam: Log into the website, then go to your friends page. Example -> Open your browser console, try F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + i Paste the command below in your console and press enter. var groupID =...
  13. 666 PUDDIN

  14. 666 PUDDIN

    CS 1.6 Nickname Registration

    How to register your in-game nick? 1. Join our Discord -> 2. Send a Private Message to our bot Nova Rex#5030 with the !link command to start the registration process 3. Open your console in Counter-Strike with the `~ button and type setinfo _pw...
  15. 666 PUDDIN

    How to donate ( VIP / CS admin / Unban )

    VIP / CS admin 1. Join our Discord -> 2. Find your Discord ID - > 3. Enter your Discord ID -> 4. Register your in-game nickname ->...
  16. 666 PUDDIN

    Forum online.

    The forum has been opened for member registration. If you do not receive the registration email, let us know on Discord.
  17. 666 PUDDIN

    VIP / CS admin privileges

    VIP Support the community Discord Features Displayed seperately in member list Choose between purple or black name Add reaction to messages Use external emojis View the audit log Counter-Strike 1.6 Features VIP menu (not yet implemented) Vote Ban (when no admin is present) VIP tag VIP skin...
  18. 666 PUDDIN

    Community Rules

    Community Rules I. No Insulting/Harassment II. No Cheating/Scripting/Bug Abuse III. No Spamming, including but not limited to: A. writing; the same message multiple times, with Caps-Lock on, unreadable text B. unnecessary use of special chat or channels C. excessively...
  19. 666 PUDDIN

    Hi discord ._.

    Hi discord ._.